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Big Data Solutions

Extracting and transforming of data using data science to discover hidden information to both structure and unstructured data to an actionable insight that will drive the competitive differentiation of a business.

Data Visualization

Interactive graphical representation of data using visual elements to assist in understanding the significant of data that are dynamic to user preference articulating the trends, outliers and patterns.

Software Development

Designing, developing, customizing, implementing, maintaining, testing and benchmarking services for wide variety of verticals and business domains of either web based or mobile applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Emphasise intelligent assistance and harmonising it with the existing systems or applications that will improve and simplify business workflow, increase productivity and operation efficiency that works and react like human.

Machine Learning

Applying supervised or unsupervised Machine Learning models and algorithms that will enable the self-learning abilities and embark the Artificial Intelligence capabilities in predicting an outcome without human intervention.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Incorporate Artificial Intelligence embedded with Machine Leaning capabilities that will automate high-volume and repeatable task as well as improving business process efficiency and reduce waiting time.

eCommerce Platform

Providing eCommerce technology solutions enabling electronic transactions between retailers and consumers seamlessly secured.

Training and Coaching

Providing systematic ICT/Programming/Change Management training and coaching to transform skills, attitudes and behaviour of a targeted group of personnel within an organisation.

Virtual Agent

Developing and implementing Virtual Assistant with artificial intelligence emulating human communication and interaction that will enhance customer experience.

Other Services

Professional Services

Certified project management and consultancy professionals that are well experienced in delivering small to large scale projects for various industry and business.

Support and Maintenance

Customer support covering helpdesk, on-site and off-site support, corrective and preventive maintenance. The support services accessible through one-stop centre ensuring ease of mind to all our customers.


Distributed, Immutable and Secure opensource blockchain solutions for the enterprise/business.